Company / Location
Hűtőépítő Kft. / The biggest certified cleanroom manufacture company in Hungary

Scope of Work
Hűtőépítő Kft. needed a new brand for their new cleanroom door and pass boxes product range that withstands extreme mechanical stress, yet is pleasing to the eye. The name of the new brand: KleanLabs
KleanLabs systems fullfill all cleanroom requirements and they are user-friendly, as they are easy to install and maintain.
We used our experience to create a new brand what is representing a high tech knowledge and add a clean image to the whole brand. Also made a catalogue which presents to customers the KleanLabs and their products. And we made an all-new website what meets today UI / UX Design trends.

We working on the KleanLabs marketing desing and strategy in a long term cooperation with GGrow Ltd.

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